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Read about Build Toronto’s latest announcements on our real estate development projects and City-Building initiatives.

 Build Toronto Press Releases

November 23, 2017

Build Toronto Opens Pedestrian-Friendly Retail Shopping Centre at Wilson Subway Station 

September 14, 2017

An Innovative Collaboration in Affordable Ownership Housing in Toronto

May 4, 2017

Build Toronto Announces Winning Team Selected to Design New Etobicoke Civic Centre

February 9, 2017

Build Toronto Appoints Jaspreet Hansra-Kulasingam as Chief Financial Officer

February 2, 2017

Build Toronto Kicks Off Design Competition for the New Etobicoke Civic Centre

October 13, 2016

Build Toronto Provides a 2016 City-Building Update

September 26, 2016

Build Toronto Announces an Additional 100 Affordable Housing Units at Wilson Subway Station

September 8, 2016

Build Toronto Closes on Sale to Revitalize City Waterworks Property

August 9, 2016

Build Toronto Restores Site and Announces 32 New Affordable Home Ownership Units

July 14, 2016

Build Toronto announces Total Contributions of $123.4 Million to the City of Toronto 

May 13, 2016

Build Toronto announces a $25 Million Dividend to City of Toronto

April 25, 2016

Build Toronto announces 100 New Affordable Housing Units on the Subway Line

November 24, 2015

Build Toronto announces Dufferin Construction as Successful Company to Design and Build the Fort York Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge

November 10, 2015

Council appoints eight public members to the Build Toronto Board and Councillor David Shiner as Interim Chair 

December 22, 2014

Build Toronto completes the sale of 4050 Yonge Street Projects at York Mills Station

October 11, 2013

Build Toronto announces William Bryck as it’s new President & CEO

September 13, 2013

 Build Toronto supports the contributions of fellow  City Builders at the Toronto Urban Design Awards

July 26, 2013

Build Toronto confirms eight new Board Directors and is poised to build on successful real estate business model for the City

June 26, 2013

Build Toronto announces outstanding 2012 results

November 18, 2011

 Build Toronto and Tridel announce $295 million “City-Building” partnership in downtown Toronto

November 18, 2011

 Build Toronto appoints new Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

July 14, 2011

 City Council approves OPA and Rezoning for Build Toronto development at 4050 Yonge Street

April 8, 2011

Steven J. Trumper joins Build Toronto as General Counsel

September 28, 2010

 Build Toronto officially launches Corus Quay development

June 3, 2010

 Build Toronto lists first property

May 12, 2010

 Build Toronto opens for business