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A Mobility Hub at Bloor Street West and Kipling Avenue

March 20, 2015
A Mobility Hub at Bloor Street West and Kipling Avenue

Provincially designated as a mobility hub, the area will see high density development planned around its higher-order transit.

Build Toronto’s 14-acre development located at the eastern end of Kipling subway station is being planned in conjunction with the urbanization of the road network. Planning for a mix of uses, this transit-oriented development will maximize pedestrian and vehicular access around the subway station.

As the City of Toronto engages in the road reconfiguration around Kipling Station, Build Toronto has been involved in providing recommendations on access, servicing and connectivity to ensure that future development is supported.

3741 Bloor Street West

This work includes exploring the potential for incorporating residential, retail, office and institutional uses into the development

For example, discussions are underway with the YMCA of Greater Toronto, which has identified the Westwood site as a prime location for a YMCA Centre of Community. With easy access to the subway system, the aim would be for the YMCA facility to be used by people from many neighbourhoods.

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