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Build Toronto Celebrates the Official Opening of 75 Billy Bishop Way, Shops at Wilson Station

December 7, 2017
Build Toronto Celebrates the Official Opening of 75 Billy Bishop Way, Shops at Wilson Station
75 Billy Bishop Way Official Grand Opening

On November 23, 2017, Build Toronto in collaboration with Councillor David Shiner, Build Toronto Board Chair and Ward 24 Councillor and Councillor Maria Augimeri, Ward 9 Councillor, held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the official opening of 75 Billy Bishop Way, Shops at Wilson Station. The newly opened 4.5-acre retail site boasts enhanced streetscape through unique urban design, improved transit connectivity to Wilson Subway station and has generated strong economic benefits for the City of Toronto.

The project team involved in the development as well as members of the media were invited to celebrate the official grand opening. The celebration consisted of announcements at the podium by Councillor David Shiner, Councillor Maria Augimeri and Bill Bryck, President & CEO of Build Toronto. Following the announcements, the official ribbon was cut to celebrate the official opening.

The announcements highlighted key City-Building elements of the new 50,000-square-foot retail development. The development was built from a multi-modal perspective ensuring positive pedestrian, cyclist and driver experiences all with direct access to Wilson subway station. Short and long-term bicycle parking spots with a repair station and wide walkways and ramps are elements part of the development to advance the pedestrian experience. This transit-oriented development features pedestrian-scale lighting, improved walkways and benches for outdoor seating.

An enhanced public realm was established at the site by investment in the urban façade through aesthetically attractive retail buildings and extensive landscaping. The site supports the economy with 130 jobs in new commercial space, a focus on retail stores with roots in the Greater Toronto area, 91 person-years of employment through construction jobs and new property tax revenue for the City of Toronto. In addition, the site compliments the surrounding growing residential community by adding a wide range of retail uses.

Please see photos from the event below: