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Master Planning St. Andrews Playground part of 505 Richmond Re-development

April 16, 2015
Master Planning St. Andrews Playground part of 505 Richmond Re-development
In 1909, the playground to the south was severed from the lot and became officially designated as a children's playground Goads Atlas Fire Insurance Maps, ERA)

In 1837, when the property was set aside for a public market, the lands directly to the south were dedicated for a future public recreational use. Today, that area is known as St. Andrew’s Playground. The playground, which now also includes a dog park, is an important feature for the local community.

As we are planning development at 505 Richmond Street West, we have been asked to also master plan St. Andrew’s Playground to ensure that connectivity and access to the surrounding neighbourhood and the upcoming development, are best considered.

Our vision is to develop a mixed-use project which can incorporate publicly accessible private open space paying homage to this heritage property’s rich history. We envision incorporating commercial space that targets the creative class, expanding on the area’s distinction as a creative hub, as well as integrating 25 affordable housing units within a residential component. We will also be focusing on enhancing the public realm along Richmond.

505 Richmond Street West will truly embrace and add to a mixed-use community providing opportunity for all. Today, within the complex at 60 Brant Street, Eva’s Phoenix is already building their new home. Originally located across from Liberty Village, the non-for-profit organization that provides training and housing services for homeless youth is constructing a new facility that will also integrate a new print shop.

To learn more about Eva’s Phoenix, please visit