We believe a city is more than the sum of its buildings. It’s where we live. Where we work.
Where we build connections and relationships.
Where we strive to build a stronger future.

It’s a place where families grow, communities thrive and businesses can succeed.

At Build Toronto, our strategic priority of creating livable neighbourhoods enables Build Toronto to revitalize neighbourhoods, build for a growing city and deliver financial results.

At Build Toronto, we define our approach to City-Building by the Strategic Priorities we are committed to for the City of Toronto and those that live here.

Our City-Building priorities are focused on:
Engagement, Sustainability, Livable Neighbourhoods, Employment and Transit-Oriented Development.

Build Toronto is focused on:

  • Collaborating with City Councillors, City staff, community members and development stakeholders to develop projects that address both City-Building and financial goals
  • Revitalizing neighbourhoods where people can afford to live, where the public space encourages interaction and where sustainable development can support Toronto’s growing needs
  • Improving and investing in historically contaminated sites that would otherwise remain underutilized
  • Attracting key industries and accelerating investment in commercial development that helps boost growth and foster employment
  • Developing sites around transit that encourage environmentally friendly means of transportation, create new connections and help the City sustain itself in the long term

We believe it is through the success of our City-Building endeavours that Build Toronto can consider our work a success for the City and it’s people.

– Bill Bryck, President & CEO, Build Toronto

City-Building in Toronto by Build Toronto

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