Attracting key industries and accelerating investment in commercial development helps to boost growth and foster employment.
This effort accommodates and creates new jobs.

Commercial hubs attract the right industry to locations that will promote employment in that geographic area.

Toronto’s rich heritage is reflected in its enduring buildings. These buildings can often bear the harmful effects of historical uses. Proper remediation strategies help address the damage of past uses.

We aim to attract key industries outlined by economic development initiatives of the City of Toronto.

By incorporating office, retail and industrial spaces, as well as creating commercial nodes, we hope accelerate employment for the City.

Employment comes in the form of commercial space that is created within a new development, as well in the jobs that are created from its construction.

When fully developed, the construction of the 19 projects sold will generate approximately:

sq. ft. of commercial space*
person years of development employment*
jobs accommodated*

*Data above reflected from approximate estimates from Build Toronto’s projects sold as at December 31, 2016. As reflected in Build Toronto’s 2016 Annual Review.

With its renewed focus, Build Toronto is delivering what the City has asked and then some. In addition to providing their largest dividend to date, of $25 million, Build Toronto has helped to secure hundreds of new affordable homes, new parkland, new childcare space, a new YMCA and more. As we move forward, we need to lead with Build Toronto’s strong foundation of finding a balance between financial and City-Building returns to ensure we make our City thrive.

– Councillor David Shiner (Ward 24 Willowdale), Chair of the Build Toronto Board and Planning, and Growth Management Committee Chair

City-Building in Toronto by Build Toronto

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