City-Building cannot be achieved independently.
By its very nature, it takes true collaboration and strong relationships.

We aim to build engaged participation to balance interests and create a shared purpose.


Bringing together community members and other stakeholders is at the core of achieving our City-Building strategic priority of Engagement.

We strive to be transparent with our actions and inclusive in how we communicate with our Councillors, the communities they serve, city staff and all development stakeholders. This process of Engagement allows for optimal collaboration throughout all stages of a projects life.

Since 2010, Build Toronto has been actively collaborating with various stakeholders. To date, there have been approximately:

68 community meetings held

3,260 community members engaged with in person

Active discussions with our stakeholders:

  • City Councillors
  • City of Toronto
  • City Staff
  • Community Members
  • Consultants
  • Development Partners
  • End Users
  • Neighbouring Property Owners
  • Public Agencies

*Data reflected from approximate estimates from projects sold and/or the full development of projects Build Toronto is managing as at December 31, 2015. As reflected in Build Toronto’s 2015 Annual Review.

One of the most important things we can do to ensure the success of a development project is to work collaboratively with the groups and individuals these developments touch.

– Bill Bryck, President & CEO, Build Toronto

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