Livable Neighbourhoods


Healthy neighbourhoods allow people to  live, work & play while establishing a sense of community.

By means of strategic development, we want to be become a catalyst for further development, growth and diversity.

Liveable Neighbourhoods in Toronto, BUILD Toronto

Our strategic priority of creating livable neighbourhoods enables Build Toronto to revitalize neighbourhoods, build for a growing city and deliver financial results.

With the right investment, we enable livable neighbourhoods in which public space allows for community interaction and where sustainable development can support the growing needs of our City.

Build Toronto estimates contributions in the following areas from projects sold and across its’ existing portfolio:

Affordable Housing

182 affordable housing units contracted
1,650 total affordable housing units anticipated across our projects

Bike lanes

4.8 kilometres of shared bike lanes planned

Park Space

3.2 acres of new park and open space planned in projects sold
18.7 acres of new park and open space planned

Public Streets

5.6 kilometres of new public streets planned

Mixed Use

10.5 acres of new mixed-use development in projects sold
153 acres of mixed-use development planned

*Data reflected from approximate estimates from projects sold and/or the full development of projects Build Toronto is managing as at December 31, 2015. As reflected in Build Toronto’s 2015 Annual Review.

Working collaboratively with Build Toronto and it’s surplus City sites to create opportunities for residents at different income levels is a positive partnership in supporting long-term housing strategies for our City.

– Sean Gadon, Director, City of Toronto Affordable Housing

Liveable neighbourhoods in toronto, city development toronto, Build Toronto
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