We bring sites back to life that would  otherwise sit untouched.
Through environmental clean-up and adaptive reuse projects we are able to reintegrate sites back into their local communities.

The environmental management work is financed through development work.

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Our Strategic Priority of sustainability means unlocking the value of dormant land and helping the City realize the potential of its real estate.

Toronto’s rich heritage is reflected in its enduring buildings.
These buildings can often bear the harmful effects of historical uses. Proper remediation strategies help address the damage of past uses.

Build Toronto has been working to investigate and manage environmental risk across its sold projects:

9 sites in projects sold


4 adaptive reuse projects sold


3 heritage-designated properties as part of projects sold

$1.5M invested in remediation management


*Data above reflected from approximate estimates from Build Toronto’s projects sold as at December 31, 2016. As reflected in Build Toronto’s 2016 Annual Review.

Investing in remediation, although complex, costly and risky, is the key to restoring value of underutilized sites and integrating them back into their neighbourhoods.

– Moshe Wertheim, Director, Build Toronto

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