Transit is a vital thread that weaves the fabric of our city together.
Building around new transit hubs provides more options for your daily commute.

We support our growing city by helping to intensify around new and existing transit.


Through a transit-oriented development strategy, Build Toronto creates new space around transit to maximize and improve its access and encourage various modes of transportation. This is one of our City-Building principles.

By developing around transit, we are able to encourage and increase connectivity and help the City sustain itself in the long term.

With a focus on transit connectivity, the 19 projects Build Toronto has sold comprise of:

16.7 acres

of land planned around higher-order transit*

5 sites

with direct access to transit*

*Data reflected from approximate estimates from projects sold and/or the full development of projects Build Toronto is managing as at December 31, 2016. As reflected in Build Toronto’s 2016 Annual Review.

Attracting new residents and new business around transit helps us to ensure we are mitigrating the social and economic impacts of congestion in our City.

– Andy Byford, Chief Executive Office, Toronto Transit Commission

Toronto Transit development
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