Company Overview

Build Toronto, Toronto development, City of Toronto

Build Toronto: Drives Development – Contributes City-Building – Delivers Returns to the City.

To create better value for and to make Toronto more prosperous, the City established Build Toronto as an arm’s-length real estate corporation to fully leverage its surplus and underutilized real estate assets.


Develop surplus and underused City land to attract commercial development, create desirable jobs and improve the livability of the City.


Be a catalyst for sustainable development, operate in a commercially viable manner and continually support City Council, City departments, the development community and the citizens of the City of Toronto.

Financial Return

Build Toronto will generate a reasonable net financial return by unlocking the value of properties given to it by the City.

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Approach to City-Building

Build Toronto defines City-Building by the Strategic Priorities it is committed to for the City of Toronto.

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Resulting from a series of recommendations from various expert advisory committees, panels and reports, the City of Toronto determined it needed a new approach to manage City land assets. The company was officially launched in May 2010  as the City’s independent real estate and development corporation.

Build Toronto reports to a Board of Directors made up of experienced leaders from both the private and public sectors. The company has a unique focus on supporting the City of Toronto in identifying, improving and developing City-owned property. Today, Build Toronto looks to move and redevelop some of the last City-owned developable parcels.

Build Toronto works with real estate that has been declared surplus and for transfer to Build Toronto by the City of Toronto.