28 Bathurst Street

Mixed Use

28 Bathurst Street

Site Introduction

Build Toronto has an application in with the City of Toronto for a new mixed-use proposal with residential and retail components, along with a new public park space, a new tree-lined public street and public sidewalks, as well as a shared bike lane. This application is currently under review at the City.

Historically the site served heavy industrial purposes, so a key component of a residential development would be to incorporate an environmental remediation program to ensure any contamination is properly managed.


Major Intersection: Bathurst Street and Front Street West
Surrounding Uses: City daycare, men's shelter, residential uses and a heritage building with mixed uses to the north; vacant land with a development proposal for high-density residential with retail at grade to the east; Metrolinx Railway to the south; and industrial to the west.
Ward: 19 - Trinity-Spadina
Councillor: Mike Layton
Site Area (acres): 2.4
Current Use: Vacant and parking lot
Proposed Use: Mixed-Use
Official Plan - Land Use Designation: Employment Area
Planning and Staff Reports:

Development Objectives

  • Repurpose and remediate a heavily contaminated brownfield site
  • Respond to the character of the community through a vibrant mixed-use development
  • Create an enhanced pedestrian streetscape
  • Support healthy and active communities
  • Focus on quality urban design
  • Intensify and generate value from underutilized land
  • East aerial view of the site (2011)

  • Northeast aerial view of the site (2011)

  • Historical image of the site's heavy industrial uses (City of Toronto archives, 1926)

Development Lead

Salima Rawji Salima Rawji
Vice President, Development