383 - 425 Old Weston Road


383 - 425 Old Weston Road

Site Introduction

As an old works yard in a transitional west-end neighbourhood, the site at Old Weston Road offers great redevelopment opportunity. Looking at how to best manage the remediation required for the brownfield site, Build Toronto has been working with City staff and adjacent land owners to explore various opportunities and options. As part of a comprehensive development strategy, Build Toronto has committed to 20 affordable housing units.


Major Intersection: Old Weston Road and St. Clair Avenue West
Surrounding Uses: Sadra Park and low-density residential to the north and east; additional low-density residential and the St. Clair Avenue West commercial strip to the south; and a mix of employment and commercial lands to the west.
Ward: 17 - Davenport
Councillor: Cesar Palacio
Site Area (acres): 2.1
Current Use: Vacant, decommissioned City Works yard
Proposed Use: Residential
Official Plan - Land Use Designation: Neighbourhoods
  • East aerial view of the site (2012)

    East aerial view of the site (2012)

  • North aerial view of the site (2012)

    North aerial view of the site (2012)

Development Lead

Gabriella Sicheri is the Developmental Director at Build Toronto. Gabriella manages a portfolio of residential and mixed-use developments in her leadership role within Build Toronto’s development and investments group. Gabriella Sicheri
Director, Development